How To Sell Your House Without An Agent in College Station

Sell Your House without an agent | old couple for sale by ownerWhen thinking about selling your College Station house, you need to know that you have options! Listing your home on the MLS is not the only way to sell your house. More and more people are learning how to sell their homes without an agent, which in turn, saves time and money! Learn more about it works in our latest blog!

How To Sell Your House Without An Agent in College Station

What are the benefits to listing without an agent?

There are many benefits to enjoy by listing your house by yourself, without an agent as a middleman. One of the biggest benefits is that you will save money on commissions and out-of-pocket expenses when you go to list the home.

In order to offer a competitive market, you may need to carry out some repairs and upgrades on your property. If you have done repairs by yourself before, you will know that sometimes you spend more than you expected due to unforeseen costs. If you hire a professional to handle the repairs, it will cost more. Now isn’t the time to practice your new repair methods.

You don’t have to pay any commission if you don’t use an agent. If you use an agent, you have to pay about 6% of the final sale price as commission. If you do a direct sale, you can keep that money in your pocket! The commission you pay to an agent can be several thousands of dollars. They also have the exclusive right to sell because you are bounded by a listing agreement. This means, no matter how you sell the home (even if you find the buyer yourself) you will still owe a commission to your agent.

How do I get started?

Do research before setting your price. Most people think their house is worth more than they actually are. Research the value of your home, and don’t trust the value you see on Zillow, or on other sites. Most agents don’t go with these numbers because they are often based on false data. Look for the price that houses in your area sold for, not what they are listed for. You can ask an agent to help with a CMA, and get information without signing a listing agreement. If you set your price high and aren’t getting any interest, you can always lower your price. Whenever you do this, prospective buyers will see your pricing history on the MLS. Seeing repeated small reductions can make them think that you are desperate, or it could signal that there may be something wrong with the home. To avoid this, you should set a reasonable price from the start, so you won’t have to deal with lowering it. By spending a few hundred dollars, you can also seek the help of a professional appraiser.

Work Your Advertising Game

Pictures say a thousand words! It’s common to see real estate listings with poor pictures. You must have great pictures if you want to sell your house through online adverts. One of the best things you can do to sell your home is to have very good pictures. If your pictures don’t look professional, you can hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your property. Apart from pictures, you have to provide as much details about the property as possible and mention the amenities the house offers, so that prospective buyers can know exactly what they are getting.  Be mindful of Protected Classes in all of your advertising.

Make It Happen!

Before listing your house, you have to make it ready. Cleaning your house thoroughly, and making necessary and noticeable repairs is a good way to do this. Start by removing all clutter and personal items. Remember that people don’t like feeling that they are intruding when they enter your home.

Make a list of selling points and upgrades to show prospective buyers. For instance, let them know if you have done any replacements, such as replacing the AC and roof a year before. Give them a flyer or brochure that contains the information. An agent can usually answer questions about the area, and you should be able to too. Make a map with important places marked. Know where schools are and how long it takes to get there.

You’ve Found A Buyer, Now What?

Without an agent, you will have to handle all legal and financial paperwork, so it is best that you work with a lawyer or title company that you know and trust. Before you complete the sale, make sure you create a contract and accept only offers that are in writing and that include a deposit. Make sure you consult a lawyer and once they have given you a go ahead, you can then accept the offer.

Are you interested in selling your College Station home without using an agent? We can help! If you have any questions or are interested in a no-obligation offer, send us a message now! If you would prefer to speak on the phone, give us a call anytime! (979) 431-1663


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