4 Home Improvements That Could Turn Your Neighbors Into Your Enemies in College Station

Home Improvements That Could Turn Your Neighbors Into Your EnemiesBy improving your home, you make it better, more pleasant to live in and also increase its value. Then, surely, home improvements must be a good thing, right? Generally speaking, yes. There are, however, some home improvements that could turn your neighbors into your enemies in College Station.

  1. Fixing Drainage Problems

During rainy periods, maybe you have a big low spot in your backyard where the water collects, making your yard almost unusable for long periods of time, and even exposing you to health hazards, especially when mosquitoes start residing in the stagnant water. You are tired of the issue and you finally decide that you will find a way to fix it. The main problem now is that you have to figure out where to channel the stagnant water to.

If the water starts flowing to your neighbor’s yard, making it messy and wet, then get ready for problems. If your neighbor raises a big stink and wants to take legal action, you do have recourse to the “reasonableness rule.” According to the reasonableness rule, if a neighbor sues you, he will have to provide proof that you did something “unreasonable” in altering your property to cause harm to his property.

  1. Planting Ornamental Trees

It’s natural to want to personalize our property the way we see fit. Mostly, we express this desire in the form of landscaping, sometimes by planting ornamental trees. Planting certain trees can truly improve your house, but you have to know that those trees may turn your neighbors into your enemies in College Station.

Take, for instance, the Bradford pears, which are very beautiful and attractive when they blossom, but can also give off an offensive and pungent smell during bloom time. Apart from this, this trees are also well known for shedding brittle branches all over the place, which may fall into your neighbor’s yard. Planting ornamental trees may seem like a good idea, but it can have some major neighbor-related drawbacks.

  1. Adding a Room

For few years, you have been living a simple life, and have been saving up the money to allow you to add a guest room to your house. Now that the plans have been drawn, you contact a contractor to begin the work. However, be aware that doing this may cause problems between you and your neighbors.

They will be annoyed because of all the mess and noise that comes from adding the guest room. There will be trucks from the lumber yard making deliveries, the sounds of power tools, workers shouting, and the staccato noise of hammers and nail guns. Although it is all necessary, your neighbors will be annoyed.

They may also be upset when the job is completed, because their favorite view is now obstructed by your new room. This may not always be the case, but it’s worth mentioning.

  1. Installing a Pool

Maybe you’ve saved enough money to achieve your dream of having an in-ground swimming pool. You know, the big one with the diving board, changing house, and wet bar. Get ready for the envy and complaints.

At first, the envy will be slight, but as time goes on, the envy will gradually turn into resentment because you have a pool, and your neighbors don’t. They know that they can’t use your pool anytime and every time they want to. The resentment turns into antagonistic anger whenever your neighbors have to listen to the sounds (sometimes pretty loud) of laughter, music, and tinkling glasses when you have your night-time pool parties.
It can’t be helped, it’s just human nature.

Although it is true that improving your house can cause your neighbors to become your enemies in College Station, do not let that discourage you from pursuing your dreams and plans for your home. Using the right approach, you can move forward with your home-improvement plans without creating any “neighbor issues.”



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