5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Complete This Fall in College Station

Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Complete this Fall The yearly exciting spring cleaning period is long over. The busy schedule of summer activities and social events is coming to an end. Now, it is time for you to relax and enjoy the freshness of air, the fireplace, the toasted marshmallows, and the long evenings at home

Well, not just yet. There are still some important home maintenance tasks you should complete this fall in [market city].

You really should take care of these maintenance tasks now before winter hits. If you wait too long, harsh weather and busy contractors may make it even tougher to get these tasks done. Let’s take a look at several areas in your home that deserve a little attention this fall.

Furnace/Heating System

Although the weather is still mild, thoroughly checking out the efficiency and safety of your furnace and heating system should be the first thing you complete this fall in College Station. The best time to check the function of your furnace is during late August.

The number one step you should take is to have the filter replaced. After this, you should clean the ducts (you may need to hire a professional to do this for you). Another recommendation for heating-system maintenance is to have it checked by a professional to see if it’s performing at optimal level, and safe to use. It’s better to catch small problems now before they turn into larger, costly – and cold – ones later on.

Fireplace and Chimneys

Making sure that your fireplace and chimney won’t cause safety hazards is another important maintenance task. You do want to enjoy that crackling fire with some peace of mind, don’t you?

Creosote build-up can present a grave safety hazard that can be the source of a devastating fire. If you’re not sure how to inspect for, and then clean creosote build-up, you should probably use the services of an experienced chimney sweep.

Water Lines

Technically, water lines are inside your house, but, water-supply lines in exterior walls can be prone to freezing during cold snaps. You can prevent this huge inconvenience and messy problem by putting a little effort to water line maintenance now.

Let’s assume that the water line to your kitchen sink is on an exterior wall (which is often the case), there are two things that you can do. These things are simple and inexpensive. You can wrap the water supply lines with an insulator designed for the purpose of preventing freezing. Even better, you can wrap those water lines with heat tape, if you have a convenient electrical outlet nearby.

Gutters and Downspouts

Most of us rake fallen leaves in our yard, but sometimes we forget about the gutters and downspouts until the heavy rains of the following spring. In the long run, this can be a costly mistake.

If your gutters and downspouts are clogged, it causes the water that would normally flow through them to back up and flow behind the gutters and onto the fascia board, leading to rot and eventual replacement. So before the fall rainy season hits, make sure your gutters and downspouts are free of debris and are draining properly.


Of all home maintenance tasks, you should complete this fall in College Station, checking the roof is the one most often neglected. But it shouldn’t be.

Water can begin to get into places in your roof (even uphill) where they normally don’t get due to the impact of harsh winter winds, heavy snow and freezing rain. So take time to check your roof this fall for broken or missing shingles or tiles. If you do detect any problems, it may be a good idea to call in a roofing contractor.

With these 5 home maintenance tasks you should complete this fall in College Station completed, you can now – with peace of mind and a sense of security – relax and enjoy. Still, these are just the basic tasks.



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