TX Direct Testimonial – Foreclosure

“I felt like I’d been through a wringer. My wife was sick for so long, and fought the cancer until the bitter end. I made a vow when we joined lives and was glad to be by her side. But my finances were shot, and so was I. My mortgage was beyond hope. Depression set in. … Continued


TX Direct Testimonial – Seller

“I didn’t want to call, I was so nervous. My sweet husband, though, after looking at your web site, he trusted you. I’m so glad I called. You were authentic and real. You had so many stories of mistakes others had made, and suggestions how we should do things to protect ourselves. Our home was … Continued


TX Direct Testimonial – Bankruptcy

“I had given up the house in the divorce, but everything was still in my name. Little did I know what trouble lay ahead. I never thought she could do something like take my money and stop paying the bank. Before I knew it, I was so far behind financially I could never catch up. … Continued


TX Direct Testimonial – Probate Property

“I figured it was time after driving by their sign a couple of months. It was a relief to talk to someone who understands the process and has a heart. Texas Direct Home Buyers knows what they are doing, and I hardly had to do anything. With their help, I finally had a plan to move forward, … Continued